Welcome to The Gilger Lab at NC State

We work on eye diseases and injuries. Our group is different to a lot of scientific research labs, because our research, teaching and outreach activities integrate across two complimentary, yet specialized, areas of expertise.

Equine eye health

Eye diseases and injuries are very common in horses and can be traumatic (and expensive) for both the animals and their human friends. Our lab leads applied research into a range of conditions, provides clinical care through the NC State University Veterinary Hospital, and collaborates with other labs to maximize positive outcomes for our patients. If your horse has eye issues, we might be able to help you too! Our Lab’s areas of particular interest include immune-mediated ocular diseases (immune mediated corneal disease and recurrent uveitis) and infectious diseases of the cornea (especially fungal keratitis).

Ocular drug development

We also develop new, innovative treatments for ocular conditions – including gene therapy and sustained release drug delivery. This involves studying how drugs are deposited and metabolized in the eye, and determining what impacts they are having. We then work closely with pharmaceutical companies to help advance promising new products and protocols to market, giving more patients access to better treatments.

We hope you enjoy reading more about our interesting work and get in touch if you’re a concerned horse owner or need assistance in ocular drug development

Kind regards,

Brian Gilger.